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Osteopathic Care for People and Their Pets


Osteopathic care is based on the principles that the body is a whole, not a collection of pieces, and that by ensuring optimal alignment and structural integrity, the body can heal itself. Osteopathy depends on an excellent working knowledge of physiology and anatomy. Movement and alignment is improved through treatment, which then optimizes blood flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve signalling ability. This translates to such effects as reduction in pain, better sleep patterns and increased energy and vitality.

This is the initial intake visit for new patients. We request a medical history, and will perform an initial assessment of your physical structure. Treatment is then tailored to the assessment and structural diagnosis (observed imbalances)

This visit option is for returning clients. Assessments are performed at each visit, and treatment is based on the patient as they appear that day. This means each treatment is responsive to the clients' presenting structural alignment, not to a preconceived, recipe- like treatment plan.

Please wear loose fitting clothing that allows movement, and be prepared to remove your shoes, watches, belts and jewelry.

Conditions that may benefit from care:

  • Acute or chronic pain

  • Digestive upset

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Postural problems

  • Muscle spasms

  • TMJ disorders

  • Headaches

  • Sleep disorders

  • Post Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

  • Sports Injury

  • Repetitive Strain

Please Note: We do not treat patients involved in MVA claims.